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Alpha is one-stop shop for buying large-scale, high-quality CTV and OLV inventory reaching more than 135 million monthly uniques across brand-safe, Amazon-owned properties and 70+ top-tier CTV networks and broadcaster apps.

Our team executes every campaign programmatically using Amazon’s proprietary 1st party data and omnichannel Amazon DSP.

Amazon’s 1st party opt-in data enables our clients to go beyond demographics and target:

  • People who are recent browsers and shoppers of specific products, brands and product categories at
  • People whose shopping patterns indicate a particular life stage or lifestyle
  • People who fall into specific Age, Gender, and Income demographics, based on 1st and 3rd party data sources
  • Lookalike models based on brand-owned audience CRM data
  • Potential customers who have shown interest but didn’t initially convert
  • Curated audiences based on factors such as location, device, day-parting content consumption, and competitive brands

Automated reporting and custom analytics yield deep insights and ensure that every campaign delivers unique audiences, incremental reach, and measurable outcomes while contributing to diverse-spend goals.

CONTENT Creation

Our content strategy and ideation team tells stories in a way no one else can and lifts up voices no one else does. We create, produce, and promote sponsored video shows which attract, engage, inform, and delight viewers.

  • Pre-production involves all aspects of planning the production before activation and streaming begins, including: goal setting, strategy and creative ideation, scriptwriting, casting, product placement, location scouting, set design, tech spec, and production/streaming scheduling
  • Production involves the actual shooting, encoding, sequencing, conversation monitoring, and streaming of the people, products, services, sets, and concepts created, blocked out and scripted in pre-pro
  • Post-production involves editing the content into snackable moments that can be syndicated and promoted via social and other channels


We are a collection of brand-builders, media gurus, independent thinkers, data geeks and buttoned-down operators. We are he, she, they; Asian, Black, Christian; Hispanic, Indigenous, Italian, Jamaican, Jewish, and White; differently-abled, bi-coastal, and fiercely focused on your success.

We believe in dignity, candor, courage, curiosity, collaboration, innovation, and results.

We help our clients build brand value by leveraging Amazon’s 1st party data and tech to:

  • Find and buy ad impressions that impress viewers and deliver results
  • Uncover audience insights that enable us to create culturally competent, participatory video content

We are Alpha – an Amazon Advertising Partner and a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise — and we look forward to working with you


Larry Harris
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

With over 25 years of advertising experience, Larry Harris is an expert in integrated digital strategy, CTV and OLV advertising, customer opportunity analysis, omnichannel media, and cultural change.

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Jordan Greene
Co-Founder & Chief Media Officer

Jordan Greene is a recognized leader in media strategy who continues to envision how to push the boundaries of digital media to drive client outcomes.

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Tammy Johnson
SVP of Revenue

Tammy Johnson is a proven revenue and digital media leader with over 20 years of experience in this space.

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Neil Bardach
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Neil is a seasoned operating and financial executive with extensive experience at the board level.

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